Chipotle Roasted Chickpeas!

Happy Friday my little chickpeas! (See what I did there?! I could never pass up a cheesy joke.) 

This week will be the first week for Follower Friday!   The last Friday of each month I will be featuring a healthy recipe that you, the followers, have suggested.  I like to try new ideas and get people involved, so if you have a healthy recipe, or idea, that you want me to try out and post, please feel free to leave a comment on the website or message me on Instagram! @starknakedcooking Continue reading

Balsamic Bruschetta!

Good morning and happy Friday!!

I hope you have been making the most out of your week and enjoying this lovely weather we’ve been experiencing, at least out on the East Coast, if you’re out here.

This week’s recipe is going to be a quickie (just the way your mother likes it Trebek.  Celebrity Jeopardy anyone?… haha. I just got sucked into 20 minutes of watching SNL Celebrity Jeopardy on YouTube and Hulu.)  But alas, back to the subject at hand, today’s post: Balsamic Bruschetta! Continue reading

Prime Rib Roast!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

This week’s recipe is courtesy of my mom (aka ma. And yes, I like to randomly shout “Ma, the meatloaf!” And no, she doesn’t have any idea what I’m talking about.). 

Anywho,  I was looking for a tasty red meat dish to cook and my mom had suggested Prime Rib Roast.  She walked me through the steps, and it turned out amazing, so now I’m going to pass Continue reading