Homemade Burger Buns from Scratch

I absolutely LOVE bread! Which is why showing you how to make Homemade Burger Buns from Scratch gets me all giddy inside!  It’s just that there are SO many varieties between the different shapes, textures, smells and tastes that it’s truly my Achilles heal.  I recently went into a bakery section of a Wegmans that opened near my apartment and I’m fairly certain I just stared at all of the loaves drooling for probably a solid 5 minutes like I was a kid in a candy shop.  Not going to lie.  It was fantastic!  I wonder if they’re hiring…. haha. But seriously… Continue reading

Fluffy Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

It’s Sunday morning and you’re trying to figure out what appetizing breakfast you want to feed the horde (aka the family).  As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you want to start off the day for these little buggers with a pop of flavor!  But you also don’t want to have to spend a whole lot of effort and time.  Heard, loud and clear.  That’s why these fluffy lemon blueberry pancakes are amazing!  They are super quick to put together and don’t take long to cook.  Which is nice when you want to change gears. Continue reading

Spanish Tortilla Slice

Spanish Tortilla

Surprisingly, food is a big part of my life.  (I know, complete shocker, right?!) Technically, it’s a big part of everyone’s life, as we need substance to fuel our bodies.  However, I’m not just talking about a food for livelihood’s sake.  I’m talking about the more adventurous side of food.  The exploratory side, as it were.  Which is why living in Spain was such an amazing experience! 

Besides the culture and amazing sites, food was such a mind blowing experience when I lived there.  With jamón iberico, cochinillo (baby pig) and a variety of tapas that would make your mouth salivate so much it would make Pavlov proud, it’s not hard to understand how someone could grow a spirit of culinary curiosity.  That’s why I decided to tackle one recipe that I always loved ordering when I went out: Spanish Tortilla, also known as Tortilla Espanola! (Spanish accent required.) Continue reading