Breakfast Bowl!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Have I got a recipe that will knock your socks off!  Or actually help keep them on, since the weather is getting quite brisk outside.  As you may have already gleaned, I LOVE breakfast.  Not, like, not adore, but rather LOVE breakfast.  I think it’s a great way to start the day, by getting fuel into your body!  There have been studies proving that it improves your brain function, as well as kick starts your metabolism for the day.  (My Aunt, and classmates, are probably sick and tired of me saying this, as I preach this A LOT. haha)

In the process of creating a substantial breakfast that is unique and flavorful,  I thought long and hard and tried to find something that would warm the cockles of the heart, and stomach (especially with winter here).  I decided what better way to start the day than with a Breakfast Bowl!

Does this not look absolutely delicious?!  I’ll wait for you to pick your jaw up from off of the floor.

Let’s get you started with the list of ingredients needed, so that you can create this beauty at home and experience the various combinations of flavors for yourself.


1 Cup of rice

1 Cup of onions – diced

4-5 Eggs – whole

1 Cup of cherry tomatoes – halved

1 Cup of chickpeas

1 Cup of green pepper – diced

1 Cup of shredded carrots

1 Cup of corn

1 Cup of shredded cheddar

Yield: 2-4 Servings

Let’s start off by making the rice.  I followed the instructions on the back of the container of rice I had.  I began with cold water, added the rice, then let them heat up together.  (This is also a perfect recipe if you have leftover rice from the previous night.)

While the rice is cooking, let’s move along to sautéing the onions.  In a sauté pan, heat the pan with low-medium heat and add a tablespoon of oil.  Once the oil glimmers, spread it around the pan and dump your onions inside.   Gently sauté them until they are slightly caramelized (brown), like the second photo.


Once your onions are caramelized, add them to the pot with the rice to add flavor.  Add a pinch of salt and stir once (only once or you run into the risk of crushing your rice and making it more starchy.)

When the rice has about 20 minutes left, start your hardboiled eggs.  I always like to add one or two more than I think I will need, because hardboiled eggs can be tricky little buggers when you peel them and there may be a casualty.  Worst comes to worst, you have extra hard boiled eggs.  Que horror!

To make the perfect hardboiled egg, take a pot, place your eggs gently at the bottom, then fill the pot with water until it’s about 1 inch higher than the eggs.  Turn your burner on  high and let the water and eggs come to a boil.  As soon as the water starts boiling, set a timer for 11 minutes.  This will cook the egg to perfection.  If you happen to like your yolk a little more moist, cook for 8-9 minutes.  That’s what I did for mine.

After the eggs are done boiling, carefully empty out the hot water into your sink, then quickly move the pot forward and backward to crack the eggs.  Fill with cool water and place to the side.  This little trick should make it easier for you to peel the eggs.  The cracks in the shell will allow the cold water to seep in and contract the egg from the shell, hopefully making it less likely for jacked up hardboiled egg during the shelling process.


By this time the rice should be finished.  Take a spoon and test it.  Some people like a little crunch to their rice, others like it soft.  If you are one of those people who like their rice a little softer, add a 1/4 cup more of water and let cook until that water has been absorbed into the rice.

Now comes the fun part: assembling!  Take a bowl, add your rice to the bottom, then top with the tomatoes, chickpeas, green peppers, carrots, corn, cheese and halved hard boiled eggs.

If you want to add a little spiciness, top with either Frank’s Red Hot or Cholula!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Please feel free to share your pictures of your Breakfast Bowl on Instagram and tag me @starknakedcooking!  I’d love to see the various bowls you come up with!

As always, thank you for cooking with me on Stark Naked Cooking and have a wonderful week! Until next weekend, when our food adventure continues!

Buen provecho!



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