Papas Bravas!

Good afternoon sunshine!

Throwing you off with the delayed post, aren’t I? (We’re you salivating in anticipation?)  Don’t worry, your wait was not in vain!  This week’s recipe is one that I’ve wanted to do for some time now, as it’s one that I used to love to get when I lived in Spain: Papas Bravas! Continue reading

Fig, Brie and Berries, Oh My!

Good Morrow Ladies and Gents!

Have I got a delectable recipe for you this week: Figs, Brie and Berries, oh my!

I’ve had figs on my mind for the past week and have been trying to come up with a unique and interesting recipe that would incorporate said craving.  I came across a recipe where there was soft cheese baked in the fig and decided to put my own little spin on it.  I decided to use brie, Continue reading

Soup Du Jour: Minestrone!

Good morning and welcome back!

Can you believe that it is the last Friday in July?! It’s blowing my mind right now how fast 2016  has been going by.  There’s been so many wonderful events that have happened this year: my nephew being born, one of my best friend’s getting married, changing careers and going back to school for my passion; just to name a few.  All this and we’re only half way through the year!  Continue reading

Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip!

Good day my lovely readers!

We are already half way through May and the weather is definitely turning in our favor here in Jersey! Alas, there is yet hope for a warm Summer!

With the weather being so lovely yesterday, a stunning 73F,  I decided to take advantage and went for a run on a local trail.  I love being outdoors, so it was nice to have a gorgeous day to do Continue reading

Balsamic Bruschetta!

Good morning and happy Friday!!

I hope you have been making the most out of your week and enjoying this lovely weather we’ve been experiencing, at least out on the East Coast, if you’re out here.

This week’s recipe is going to be a quickie (just the way your mother likes it Trebek.  Celebrity Jeopardy anyone?… haha. I just got sucked into 20 minutes of watching SNL Celebrity Jeopardy on YouTube and Hulu.)  But alas, back to the subject at hand, today’s post: Balsamic Bruschetta! Continue reading