5-Minute Artisan Bread

I have a confession…  The last few weeks I’ve been obsessed with watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix.  Not just the actual show though, but the Masterclass series where the judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, bake their interpretations of the challenges from the show.  (Didn’t know there was a Masterclass series, eh?  Well, you’re welcome.)

To be honest, it was something that I originally started to help pass the time while recovering, however it’s actually SUPER fascinating!  All of those baked cakes, torts and breads. (Drool…) It actually reinvigorated my love of baking and got me itching to make a homemade artisan bread!  Which is the recipe I bring to you all today!  Continue reading

Ginger Chicken Meatballs

Ginger Chicken Meatballs

Happy Friday! 

I hope everyone in the Tri-State area has been keeping cool the past couple of days.  With all this heat, you may be trying to figure out a great recipe for dinner that is simple to throw together.  (Nobody wants to think too hard with preparing a meal when it’s hot out.) In honor of that, this week we will be making meatballs. But not just any type of meatballs.  We’ll be making ginger chicken meatballs!  Yummm… Continue reading

Sweet & Savory Egg Sandwich!

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Today begins our three day weekend for which we owe Christopher Columbus, aka Cristobal Colon, some appreciation; considering in 1492 he happened upon (or “discovered”) the New World.  Can you imagine what the world would be like today if said discovering hadn’t been made at that specific point in history?  What would have changed?  Would we all still be here? Would we have had the same relationships? Met the same people? Had the same opportunities? Continue reading

Apple, Turkey, Brie and Garlic Aioli!

Good morning sunshine!

Life is beautiful! Am I right?! We woke up this morning, we can see, we can breathe and we are able to move around of our own volition, and I am just so thankful.  I know we all tend to get caught up in the daily grind of everyday life, but I like to stop myself and really appreciate what I have going for me: I have a loving family, I’m fortunate enough to be pursuing one of my dreams (culinary school), I have a room over my head, food on my table and some money in my pocket.  There are many who have much less than that. Continue reading

Soup Du Jour: Minestrone!

Good morning and welcome back!

Can you believe that it is the last Friday in July?! It’s blowing my mind right now how fast 2016  has been going by.  There’s been so many wonderful events that have happened this year: my nephew being born, one of my best friend’s getting married, changing careers and going back to school for my passion; just to name a few.  All this and we’re only half way through the year!  Continue reading

Pineapple Pulled Chicken!

Happy Friday and welcome back!

I have some exciting news!  And by some, I mean a lot!  First thing’s first, this week marked our 1000th visit on Stark Naked Cooking! Who knew there were so many perverted foodies. (Just playing.) In all seriousness though, thank you.  This is extremely flattering, and I would just like to express my gratitude to everyone who has visited, and continues to do so.  I’m very honored.  Continue reading

Teriyaki Ginger Chicken Burgers!

Happy Friday and welcome back!

So, as you may know, I really like to play around with my food.  I had made these incredible Asian Chicken Burgers back in January, and I wanted to play around with the recipe using ginger.  I have this proclivity (word of the day!) towards ginger, and have been craving it for a bit .  That being said, I started messing around and came up with this week’s recipe: Teriyaki Ginger Chicken Burgers!  Continue reading

Tuna Lettuce Wrap!

Good morning and welcome back!

It’s good to be back home from my trip, but I must say that I do miss South Carolina and all of the southern men.  Sigh…   (Something about that southern twang and charm that just gives me tingles.  Shudder…) CCMF was an incredible event and I’m definitely planning on going back again next year! Continue reading