Crock Pot Cacciatore!

Good Afternoon!

Welcome back!Ā  A happy Sunday to you all šŸ™‚

I hope you brought your appetite, because this week’s recipe is a hearty and savory reinterpretation of chicken cacciatore! Crock pot style!


I was doing some research forĀ a simpleĀ and hearty dinner optionĀ for the weekend, as I had guests staying over,Ā and came across a crock pot recipe for chicken cacciatore from Slender KitchenĀ and wanted to try it!Ā  I made some minor adjustments to tailor the recipe to me and my houseguests, and it was absolutely amazing!

Listed below are the ingredients that you will need for this recipe:



2 Lbs ofĀ chicken breast – cubed

1 Onion – sliced

2 Cloves of garlic – minced

10-16 Oz of mushrooms – sliced

2 Celery stalks – sliced

1 Green pepperĀ – diced

14 Oz can of fire roasted tomato – diced

4 Tsps of tomato paste

1/2 Cup of red wine

1/2 Tsp red pepper flakes

1 Tsp Italian seasoning

1-2 Cups quinoa – cooked (Substitution: Rice)

This is a great recipe to prep the night before, add the ingredients to the crockpot on low before you go to work the next day, and have a delectable meal ready by the time you come home from work!Ā  There are three steps to this recipe:

Step 1:Ā Add all of the ingredients (except the quinoa)Ā to the crockpot on low and cookĀ for 6-8 hours.


Step 2:Ā  When you get home, cook the quinoa, or rice, according to the directions on the packaging.Ā  (I happened to have a bunch of quinoa leftover from a chicken curry recipe I had tried a few days prior, so I used the remainder of that.)Ā  You can either add the quinoa, or rice, to the crock pot to thicken the mixture, or you can plate your meal with the quinoa first, then top with the chicken cacciatore.Ā  It’s whatever floats your boat love šŸ™‚

Step 3: Enjoy!


If you want to spice things up (because who doesn’t want to. rarrr…) you can always add a touch of Franks Red Hot, because as their slogan states, you can put that shit on everything.

You can pair this with a nice red wine and have a delicious meal your family and/or friends are sure to enjoy.

Just a little tip (JLT): If you have any leftovers, you can store them in mason jars (my favorite container) for lunch for the week.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, thank you for cooking with meĀ on Stark Naked Cooking!Ā  Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday for our next recipe!

Buen provecho!


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