Feta, Spinach and Artichoke Quiche!

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Did everyone have a wonderful St. Patty’s day yesterday?  When I think St. Patrick’s Day, the images that come to my mind are corn beef and cabbage,  green Guinness, New York’s St. Patty’s Day Parade, and Irish soda bread.  Basically all things green. To keep in the spirit of St. Patty’s day, and all things green, this week’s recipe is a Feta, Spinach and Artichoke Quiche!


It’s as delectable as it looks!  Below are the items that you will need to make this yummy dish.



1 Pillsbury pie crust

10 Eggs

1 (10oz) Package of frozen spinach

1/2 Cup of scallions – finely chopped

3/4 Cup canned artichoke hearts – chopped

1/3 Red pepper – diced

1 Clove of garlic – minced

1 Tbsp. fresh dill – chopped

1/4 Cup milk

2 Tbsp. parmesan cheese – grated

1 1/4 Tsp. salt

Ground pepper

First preheat the oven to 375F.  While that’s preheating, unroll the pie crust and spread it out on the bottom of your quiche dish.

Just a little tip (JLT):  I usually lay the dough down in the center of the quiche dish and gently pull outward to stretch the dough.


Next, in one bowl, combine the scallions, artichokes, red pepper, garlic, dill and spinach.

JLT: I recommend squeezing out and discarding the extra liquid from the frozen spinach, otherwise it will take about twice as long to cook the quiche as it should.  You also don’t want a soggy quiche.  Unless you’re into that kind of thing.  Who am I to judge.

20160317_143556 20160317_144154

Once those items have been mixed together, pour them into your quiche dish.


Next, in a second bowl, combine the eggs, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, milk, salt and pepper and whisk together.


JLT: A good alternative to the ol’ fashion whisk is an electric beater. (Beat that egg like you’ve never beaten an egg before! Put your back into it!) 


Should only take a minute or so to successfully beat the eggs, milk and cheese together.


Once you are satisfied with the beating you have given, pour that mixture into the quiche dish.


Lastly, tear a piece of aluminum foil into 4 strips and use those strips to protect the crust of the quiche.  This will allow the crust to cook and brown, but not burn.  Remember, you’re waiting for your kitchen timer to go off, not the smoke alarm.


Bake for 35-55 minutes.  My rule of thumb is to start of cooking the quiche for 35 minutes, and then if you need to leave it in for longer, do so in 10 minute increments.  That being said, how does one tell if a quiche is thoroughly cooked?  Why by using the infamous butter knife test.  Stick a butter knife into the quiche, and if it comes out without any residue the quiche is done.

JLT: I perform this test in several spots to ensure that the quiche is cooked throughout.


Ta-da! You’ve just completed another healthy and delicious meal with Stark Naked Cooking! Comhghairdeas!


As always, thank you for cooking with me on Stark Naked Cooking and I look forward to seeing you next Friday! Remember, if you want to enjoy these lovely recipes without having to remember to pop on over, you can subscribe and have the recipes be delivered directly to your email.  The subscription is located in the upper right hand corner.  🙂

Buen provecho!


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