Salmon Eggs Benedict!

Welcome to my food blog! (Sorry to those of you who weren’t looking for a food blog when you started searching for “Naked…”, but I hope you too will find something in this blog that tickles your fancy! ; )

My name is Victoria, and you, my little darlings, have the distinct honor of viewing my first food blog post! I know, it’s a little overwhelming, right? Well, take a deep breathe, and we’ll jump into this together! ; )

My first recipe is for Eggs Benedict with Salmon.


Breakfast happens to be my favorite meal (and a great way to start the day) so I figured it would be appropriate to begin with it. Now those of you who just cringed thinking “Oh sweet lord, this is too complicated.  This woman is bat shit crazy.” I promise you, it’s not that hard. I’m not a professional, I never went to school for cooking, and I certainly don’t enjoy complicated recipes. So just stick with me and I promise you’ll have this completed, with prep and cooking, in about 20-25 minutes. (Less time once you get a hang of it.)

First, let’s begin with what you will need for this tasty meal:

Ingredients for Eggs Benny


2 eggs

2 tbsp. of white vinegar

1 cinnamon raisin English muffin (halved)

2 pieces of smoked salmon

1 handful of kale

¼ cup diced onions

1 tsp minced garlic

2 slices of tomato

Hollandaise Sauce:

2 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp Frank’s Red Hot (Indeed I do put that shit on everything)

salt to taste

2 tsp mayo

1 tbsp of Dijon mustard

For the Hollandaise sauce, add the mayo, honey, Dijon mustard, lemon juice and Frank’s together in a bowl.  Should look something like this:


Now give it a little whisk! (I use two spoons to mix together because the honey gets a little clingy):


Voila! Hollandaise sauce success!

Next, I put about 1-1 1/2 in of water in a large saucepan with the white vinegar and a touch of salt, and boil that bad boy.  Once the water starts boiling, I reduce the heat to medium-low.


Next I crack an egg into a small glass ramekin.  (If you don’t have one available to you a mug will work just as well.)  Then I partially submerge the ramekin into the saucepan and tip the egg into the water, like so:


Easy, right?!  I let the eggs cook for 2 min or so. (I tend to like my eggs a little more together than runny.)

While this is cooking, I lightly toast my English muffin.  Since I am a sucker for sweet and savory items together, I tend to go with Cinnamon Raisin, but you can choose whatever floats your boat:


Now we are going to test your multitasking skills here, because whilst your eggies are boiling and your toast is.. well… toasting,  you are going to sauté your kale.  In another sauce pan put a tsp of oil, add the minced garlic, chopped onions and kale and sauté that:


At this point, your English muffin should be toasted! Hooray! And your 2 minutes for cooking your eggs should be finished. I lightly butter my English muffin and once that’s set up as my base on my plate, I start layering.  The kale should be finished now, so I use that as my next layer, then I add a slice of tomato, then I add the salmon (thought I forgot about the salmon didn’t you?) and now for the fun part:  I use a slotted spoon to go bobbing for eggs:


Once I add the eggs, the next step is the Hollandaise sauce.  And tada! You’ve just created Eggs Benedict with Salmon!


Congratulations! Now go eat! With all of that hard work, you deserve it!

Buen provecho!


*Side Note: I would like to thank my close friend, Ms. Rory Gartelmann, for allowing me to use her incredible hand drawn lemon print as my background.  If you enjoy this drawing and would like to explore more fantastical things that Rory has to offer, please visit her blog:


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