Sweet & Savory Egg Sandwich!

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Today begins our three day weekend for which we owe Christopher Columbus, aka Cristobal Colon, some appreciation; considering in 1492 he happened upon (or “discovered”) the New World.  Can you imagine what the world would be like today if said discovering hadn’t been made at that specific point in history?  What would have changed?  Would we all still be here? Would we have had the same relationships? Met the same people? Had the same opportunities? Would the world as we know it be completely altered?

Alright, I’m getting side tracked and being all existential over here.  Let’s move along to the real reason why you’re here: delicious and nutritious sustenance!  You want it? You got it!  Sweet and Savory Egg Sandwich!


(Do you need a napkin to wipe up that drool?)

Below are the list of ingredients that you will need for said recipe.



1 T. Butter

1 Egg

1 Cinnamon raisin English muffin

1 Slice of cheese

Dash of red pepper flakes

Frank’s Red Hot (as always, use to your discretion)

First, cut the English muffin in half and put it into the toaster.  I like my English muffin lightly toasted and still soft to bite into, but not burnt so I don’t use too high of a setting.


Next, heat a small sauté, or frying pan, on low heat and add the butter.  Swirl the butter around and then crack your egg into the pan.

20161007_052859 20161007_053025

Just a Little Tip (JLT): Make sure to use low heat throughout the cooking process in order to evenly cook the egg.  If you try to be impatient and use high heat (me, until recently schooled by my aunt) you will burn the edges of your egg and it will have a burnt flavor and texture.  (Frowned upon in this establishment.)  Also, feel free to give the pan a little shake so the egg doesn’t stick to the bottom.

Once the white of the egg is no longer transparent, take a spatula and break the yoke.


JLT: You don’t have to do this, I just prefer my egg sandwich not to be runny.  If you like your eggs over easy, negate this step.

Next, grab your pan and tilt slightly in the opposite direction of your hand and use a spatula to flip the egg.  Immediately top the egg with the slice of cheese  and red pepper flakes and turn off the heat of the stove.  The residual heat from the pan will finish cooking the egg.

20161007_053229 20161007_053422

By this time your English muffin should be ready! (Oh happy days!)  Take the toast out of the toaster and use the spatula to carefully fold the egg onto the English muffin.  Next, add some Frank’s and serve with an ice cold glass of OJ.


Mmmmmmmm.  Such a great way to start your day!

JLT:  If you want to jazz it up a bit, feel free to add some slices of avocado.

As always, thank you for cooking with me on Stark Naked Cooking and have a wonderful three day weekend! I look forward to seeing you next Friday for our next recipe!

Buen provecho!




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