Tuna Salad Guacamole!

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For my those of you who are my Stark Naked virgins, thank you for dropping by.  Please feel free to take a gander through some of the recipes that I have posted thus far and see if anything tickles your fancy.  I’m sure we can find something that’ll spice things up in the kitchen… if you know what I mean. 😉

Please excuse the mini hiatus.  I’ve been attempting to post one recipe a week, and this past week some unexpected things came up.  This bodes well for you though! Instead of one recipe this week, it shall be bestoweth upon thee fancy naked culinary followers TWO recipes!  I know! I know! Keep your pants on! (Or not.. it’s not place to judge how you enjoy preparing food in the comfort of your own humble abode.)

That being said, let’s move along to this week’s recipe numero uno: Tuna Salad Guacamole!


This delicious little devil was inspired by two individuals: @sarah_bowmar, on Instagram, and my sister-in-law.  I got the idea from Instagram and decided to jazz it up with my sister-in-law’s recipe for guacamole.  All I can say is: Holy Gaucamole Batman!

Let us begin, shall we.  Below is a picture of the items you will need for this endeavor:



Kosher (or Himalayan) salt to taste

1 Plum tomato

1 Can of solid Albacore tuna fish in oil (just a preference I have)

1 Jalapeño

2 Tsp Fresh Salsa (I prefer ShopRite’s brand salsa)

4 Avocado

1 Freshly squeezed lime

This will be enough for 2 lunch/dinner portions.  Now let’s sally forth to combining these delicious morsels! Tallyho!

First let us begin with preparing the guacamole. (All I keep thinking of is that Austin Power’s scene where Mike Myers can’t stop saying “Moly moly moly moly”. You’re welcome in advance.)  You are going to take a sharp knife and cut the avocado in half, lengthwise.  This will expose the pit, which you can remove, and allow you to scoop out the meat of the avocado with a spoon.  Do this with all four avocados and put the halves in a mixing bowl.  Then take the knife and gently cute them so that they are cubed.  I happen to like my guacamole chunky, so I don’t mash the avocado that much.

The finished product should look like so:


Next slice up the jalapeño.  (I tend to like most of my food with a bit of kick, so this is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Entices the senses!)  If you don’t want to spice things up, then you can negate this part.  But just remember, if you do choose to add jalapeños, just make sure to use protection. Jk. But do remember to be careful about washing your hands after handling the pepper.  It would be rather unfortunate to cut the pepper and then accidently rub your eye.  Nobody wants that in their eye.


Back to our scheduled program: slice up the pepper, width-wise, and take out the seeds.  Then add the sliced pepper with 2 tsp of salsa and the diced plum tomato in a bowl and gently fold it.  I do this so as not to compromise the integrity of my chunky guac.


I then cut a lime in half and squeeze out all of the juice into the bowl and add salt to taste.  I repeat the folding step and voila: Guac!


I put this to the side and start prepping the tuna.  I open the can of tuna over the sink, and drain out the excess oil.  (Unfortunately this is not the type of oil you could have fun with later. Sigh… )  Then I dump it into another mixing bowl like so:


Next, I use a fork and mash it into smaller chunks:


Then I take half of the fresh made guac and gently fold the two together in the small mixing bowl.  (I put saran wrap on top of the remaining half of the guac, as I am going to use that for the next recipe I post: Chicken Nachos!)  Once I fold the tuna and guac together, I do a bit of a taste test and add more salt as needed.  Lastly divide the tuna salad guacamole bowl into two dishes and you’ve got yourself a nice and zesty lunch!


If you’re like me and you want to add a little more heat (oh baby, oh baby), you can add a sprinkling of Frank’s Red Hot!


Congratulations, you’ve just created another healthy and flavorful meal with Stark Naked Cooking! Now go eat! You deserve it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you again!

Buen provecho!


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