Turkey Chili!

Happy Happy Sunday!

Welcome back my little love bugs!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving;  filled with friends, family and hopefully not too many hilariously awkward moments. 😉 (Can you say one for the photo albums?)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and turkey, this week’s recipe is Turkey Chili!



It’s a protein filled, flavorful bouquet of deliciousness in your mouth!   Who doesn’t enjoy a flavorful bouquet in their mouth?! Rarrr… Now we’re getting a little frisky.

Back to the task at hand.  Below is a list of the ingredients you will need for this dish:



2 Lbs of ground turkey

2 – 15 oz cans of fire roasted tomatoes

3 – 15 oz cans of kidney beans

1 – 15 oz can of corn

1 – 15 oz can of chicken stock

2 stalks of celery – chopped

1 onion – diced

2 tsps. of brown sugar

1/2 tsp. of minced garlic

1/2 bottle of beer

Salt to taste

Cinnamon to taste

Cumin to taste

Chili powder to taste

Garlic powder to taste

Taco blend shredded cheddar

Plain greek yogurt

Tortilla chips

Franks Red Hot (obviously this was going to happen)

Just a little tip (JILT): I normally buy my canned beans, tomatoes and corn in multiple quantities at the store when they are having a sale and just keep them in the pantry for times like these.  Makes it a lot less stressful when making dinner or lunch.

First, let’s start off with cooking the ground turkey with the heat at medium.  Pour a little of the chicken broth in the bottom of the largest pan you have and add the ground turkey.  This should help the turkey cook and not burn/adhere to the bottom of the pan.  (Things that are frowned upon in cooking.)


Cooked, it should look like the below image.  (JILT: I try not to cook the turkey all the way, because I don’t want my chili to dry out.  I usually cook it a majority of the way through, then add the rest of my ingredients and allow the turkey to cook and absorb the juices for the remainder of time on the stove.)


Next, add the remainder of the chicken broth.


Then add the onions, corn, celery and brown sugar.

20151205_144153 20151205_144214 20151205_144307 20151205_144354

Mix thoroughly and then add the tomatoes.


Stir together and then add the beans.  Mmmm, beans!


Next, add the spices and half the bottle of beer.  (You can drink the other half of the beer.  You’ve worked for it.  Little bit for me, little bit for my homies.  Or something like that…)


Fold the mixture thoroughly and slowly, so you don’t accidently splash any of this tastiness across the stove.  Then let simmer for 45-50 minutes, occasionally folding.


Voila! You’ve just created a mouthwatering batch of turkey chili!


I like to top my chili with shredded taco blend cheese, Greek yogurt (you can substitute sour cream) and tortilla chips.  And of course, I add a dash of Franks Red Hot.  🙂

For the remainder, I pack half away and freeze for later, then store the rest in mason jars for lunch for the week.


As always, thank you for cooking with me on Stark Naked Cooking!  I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you next Sunday for the next recipe!

Buen provecho!



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